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Free X-Ray

Why do an X-Ray?
Just as a doctor takes an X-ray to diagnose a patient's condition and provide suggestions as to how the patient's health can improve, Synergy's family of X-Rays supplies the first step toward fully understanding your business and knowing exactly what actions to take to create even greater profitability. Whether you're brand-new to your business or have decades of experience, the various X-Rays will assist you in knowing where your business is strong and where you could make some minor changes or adjustments to take it to a whole new level of success.

The power of the X-Ray
We at Synergy believe strongly in leading our clients to the best steps for them to take, but we also feel compelled to assist them to take these steps and ideally set up systems that will take action for them. Using the X-Rays, you will learn about resources, tools, and systems that will not only increase your own productivity but also open up referral source accounts, benefit your entire staff, and even add value to clients, prospects, family, and friends.

Improve your team's productivity
Company owners and managers can take advantage of the family of X-Rays to benefit their sales associates, operations staff, and administrative team members as well.

Business X-Ray

Increase productivity, develop high-quality partners, determine which systems are essential for long-term business growth.

Management X-Ray

Help employees achieve their full potential and improve your team's effectiveness in a systematic manner.

Life X-Ray

Outline your life dreams and goals and understand the process necessary for achieving them.

Effectiveness X-Ray

Improve time management, achieve your full potential, and understand how to improve personal relationships.

Technology X-Ray

Determine if technology is helping your business grow, or if inadequate implementation is holding you back.