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Drawing by Cathy Nolan

Something New For the Kids
One of the most unique forms of relationship marketing is contacting the children of those in your database. Think about it; children ages 2-9 do not receive much mail. Let's say you send something to your clients' children. It is filled with joy and fun things for the kids to do. If it looks good and is enjoyable for the children, they will be excited because "THEY GOT MAIL!" If the parents are concerned about their child, they will be curious. They will inspect it to see if it is suitable or not, and they will then browse the piece for the sender--you. Once they have identified you with the marketing piece, you have impacted them and touched them in a huge way. Why? Because you will have encouraged and made the day of someone who is more precious to them than anything in their lives. Their response to this might be, "Wow! Here is a person who really cares." What would it mean to your business if more people thought of you as caring and relational?

Parents see tons of junk mail go through their hands; catch them from a different angle so they will take the time to view what you send to their children and remember who you are. It doesn't matter if you know the names of all these children or even if the clients HAVE children; when you send this kind of marketing, it finds its way into the right hands. Would you like to hear more about this unique approach? Call us at (630) 393-9909. (Also available in Spanish)