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Why do most people choose to do business with you? Is it because of your products and services? Perhaps occasionally, but more often it is because of a relationship of trust and confidence in you and your work. Relationship marketing brings your contacts the kind of information they want to read, reread, and pass on to others—instead of focusing strictly on your products and services.

Why develop marketing pieces that so often end up in the trash? Allow Synergy's relationship marketing professionals to use their vast library of life development, human interest, and career enhancing information to provide your contacts with pieces they value, fully customized to you and your business so they know who to thank for it!


Twelve-month newsletter series with added-value information, fully customized with your photo and business card. Totally turnkey system!

Instead of direct mail pieces, e-mail your newsletters to your contacts!


PRO will maintain regular contact with your prospects on your behalf.




MaxSys for Children
2-9 years old.